HTA and Hydrotherapy Work Together

Becca LaPole, HTA Level 1 Practitioner, is a SPLASH Coach at Advanced Animal Care of Colorado. She combines HTA techniques with hydrotherapy to assist dogs of every age and experience level with swimming. “I have found Bridging™ to be extremely effective in taking away the dogs’ fears and allowing them to realize that they are safe. I can also use Vibrational Grooming™ while they are on the steps; this also assists them with keeping a calm mental state while being exposed to a new environment.

Becca LaPole - Lark

Becca introduces Border Collie puppy Lark to the water in a safe, clean environment using Bridging™ and Vibrational Grooming™.

“With very scared or difficult dogs, I do the Bridging with Behavioral Change™ technique and tell them to remember that nothing bad is going to happen to them while they are with me and to help them remember where the steps are to get out if they get tired or nervous while swimming. HTA allows me to connect with my patients on an energetic level and gives me a deeper sense of understanding them and getting them to trust me.”

Becca swims young puppies that have never been exposed to water, older dogs that have had traumatic experiences, such as being thrown in deep water when they were younger, and everything in between. Her patients are sometimes older dogs experiencing debilitating health issues such as degenerative myelopathy or immune-mediated osteoarthritis. Conditioning, weight loss, anxiety and/or behavioral issues are other reasons that dogs join Becca in the pool. She says, “But most of the dogs come to swim for low-impact exercise, mental stimulation, and of course, fun!”

Becca LaPole - Czar Duncan1

Czar, rescued German Shepherd, enjoys swimming for the exercise and mental stimulation as he transitions to his new home.

Becca LaPole - Haylee

Chocolate Lab Haylee, cancer patient, takes one last swim.



Healing Touch for Animals® Celebrates 20 Years!

20th Logo
Rose Kennedy once said, “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”

It’s true, and this spring Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is celebrating 20 years of those life-changing moments.

Each moment is itself a milestone – a milestone for people like shelter volunteer Pat Barton of Raleigh, North Carolina, who brought Darkness, a big, black, 2-year-old lab mix riddled with anxiety, out of the back of his cage through the use of energy medicine therapy and into a new forever home – and in the process convinced skeptics of the power of energy medicine.

A milestone for Denver resident Susan Williamson, whose experience with HTA helped her horse, Charlie, heal when traditional veterinary medicine alone could not.

A milestone for Lisa Osthelder of Phoenix whose profound experience with unconditional love during an HTA class changed the course of her career. She left the corporate world to become an HTA practitioner and has dedicated her life to promoting healing animals through energy therapy.

In the past two decades, Healing Touch for Animals® Founder Carol Komitor has helped almost 6,000 people around the globe be proactive in promoting the healing of their animals naturally.

Based on years of experience working with world class trainers, veterinarians, animal shelters, private clients and through extensive studies, Carol formulated the curriculum for the multilevel energy medicine program known as Healing Touch for Animals®. HTA techniques were created and cultivated by Carol through study, practice and experiential knowledge. “I’ve seen animals with severe diagnosis that have thrived after treatment. I have seen animals shift from being disconnected to embracing the other animals and their people. This work is truly life changing,” said Founder Carol Komitor.

She’s seen many moments, many milestones.

Through this program, animal lovers – pet owners, veterinarians, groomers and others – have learned how to help their animal’s energy system become stronger, balanced and clear. Carol and other HTA Practitioners have helped people use energy therapy on animals who are suffering from injury, illness or prior abuse and trauma to promote stronger bonds and natural healing.

HTA is much more than working with an animal who is ill. This therapy assists animals with their emotional and behavioral health, helps with focus during competitions/shows and activates a sense of well-being while creating a deeper animal-human bond.

From the first class that was offered in the Hill Country of Texas 20 years ago, HTA has grown into a comprehensive curriculum that includes five levels – Level 1 through Advanced Proficiency. Courses are taught all over the United States, Canada and Europe, and are open to all people who want to improve the lives of their animals, and in turn their own.

So, as we look back at the lives that have been healed and changed through energy medicine therapy, we are also looking forward to the many more lives who will be healed through our work.

We invite you to read about more life-changing moments and milestones throughout this blog, and learn more about the HTA curriculum here.