Savory Self Care

Let us take a pause to reflect on a critical component not only required as a healing practitioner but as an individual: Self-care.

Daily practices in self-care not only summon our True Nature, but they also help us to discern the difference between our natural intuition and the chaotic echoes created by our minds. When we don’t practice this discernment, it’s much like a sports player entering the game having not attended practice, and it’s difficult to hit one out of the park when one is out of practice. Simply put, we cannot offer energy work in a clean, meaningful way for others if our own energetic housework isn’t being done.

As healing practitioners we are entrusted with very deep, sacred spaces. In order to both understand and work within the appropriate level of depth that some of these spaces require, we must be anchored in our Higher Selves. Once we are anchored in our higher selves, only then can our body, mind, heart and spirit receive and share their harmonious gifts. Whether it’s time on the healing table, meditation, Yoga, time in nature, a favorite hobby and/or prayer, it’s crucial to have a consistent practice that feels nourishing and/or refuels your ability to serve others.

Don’t forget about the abundant and valuable resources and tools at your disposal as well. Between modern technology and the lights starting to switch on everywhere in the world, it is no longer difficult to find a community of like-minded individuals that feel supportive to you. And there is another stone that often goes unturned: Toolbox Inventory. It is necessary for each of us to take regular inventory of our toolboxes to be sure that the tools we’ve been using are still applicable and resonate in a meaningful way. For instance, if meditation was your elixir when you first stepped foot onto your path, perhaps now you’ve grown in a way that active meditation is also an elixir (conscious dance, jogging, etc.) This doesn’t mean that you have to let go of meditating altogether, it simply means that there may be other tools that work for you in addition to the originals. We are constantly changing and growing as individuals and it’s necessary to check in with yourself once in a while to be sure that your self-care practice is commensurate to that of your current needs.

So often we get lost in doing that we completely forget that some of our energetic work is shared when we are simply being. In order to have the tenacity and energy required to assist any individual in their healing process, proper rest and nourishment are also necessary. If we show up disheveled, unbalanced and tired, we’re not much good to anyone, including ourselves. While this may seem obvious, these practical practices in self-care are a reflection that our clients may be inspired to reciprocate. After all, rest and nutrition are key components for good health and balance overall.

The best part of being, no matter how practical it may seem, is witnessing the way in which is comes around full circle when your client’s self-care (reflected by yours) complements your session and their whole receiving meets your whole offering.

We’d love to hear about your daily self-care practice! Comment below to join the conversation.

Ethics and Energetics

As in any professional practice, HTA practitioners are guided by a Code of Ethics as well as Standards of Practice. These outlines were created as guideposts to assist a practitioner in knowing how and when to take the appropriate action. When our practitioners follow these standard practices, all parties can easily work together in a cooperative manner fostering an environment that best facilitates energy healing.

However, life isn’t black and white most of the time, and a practitioner may periodically find themselves questioning how to move forward in an appropriate manner. It is for this reason we felt like delving a little deeper into some of these standards and ethics here on the blog.

Highest Good
Since we are only to offer energy facilitation in accordance with the principle of highest good, let’s unpack that term.

Simply put without both identifying and understanding your intention, it’s impossible to know if we’re operating from a clean, loving space where only the highest good can abide.

Cooperative Medicine
Like all living things, animals require several elements in order to thrive. If one of these elements is removed, the being’s ability to thrive may be seriously compromised. We are here to assist the animal with their own natural energy healing process. Only a licensed veterinarian can treat an animal’s physical issues. And it may require all healing elements (physical, spiritual, emotional and mental) to assist the animal in returning to their natural state of thriving. This universal law makes it clear that we would be out of place by obstructing any other practitioner, specializing in any other scope of practice, if they were called in to assist an animal in healing.