Not An Ordinary Sunday ❤

“Approximately one year ago, I participated in a Level 1 class in San Diego. I had signed up for just the fundamentals and the small animal class. Carol saw the way the dogs gravitated toward me and encouraged me to participate in the Sunday large animal class as well.

That day at the ranch, and the connection I made with the beautiful gray Quarter horse, changed my life.

Without any previous training, I never expected to have such an intimate experience where the connection could be visibly seen and physically felt by all around us (especially the horse’s handler!). This experience led me down the road to Animal Communication, which is something I had only dreamed of doing all of my life. That one experience proved to me that I did have what it takes to connect with an animal and share thoughts and ideas with them.

I have been on the learning path of animal communication since that day. My skills are getting stronger and I have successfully communicated with many animals since. 

I wanted to thank you for seeing something in me and recommending that I participate on that cold, rainy day. That one Sunday was not an ordinary Sunday”

                                                                                          -Terrianne McGrath

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