Ethics and Energetics

As in any professional practice, HTA practitioners are guided by a Code of Ethics as well as Standards of Practice. These outlines were created as guideposts to assist a practitioner in knowing how and when to take the appropriate action. When our practitioners follow these standard practices, all parties can easily work together in aContinue reading “Ethics and Energetics”

Immense Gratitude to Healing Circle

I wanted to send my immense gratitude to the Healing Circle for being an integral part of my Whippet Adam’s miraculous healing. Words are inadequate. The energy work – combined with standard veterinary care, healing herbs, essential oils, my own research on diet – resulted in a complete recovery from end stage kidney failure. TheContinue reading “Immense Gratitude to Healing Circle”

The Beginning of Healing Touch for Animals®

by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder Janet Mentgen, BSN, RN, HNC, HTCP/I, the Founder of Healing Touch Program™ (HTP), had a profound influence in my life for which I am very grateful. Janet was the instructor for all of my Healing Touch training and was my mentor through my process of becoming a Healing Touch CertifiedContinue reading “The Beginning of Healing Touch for Animals®”

Cat Diffuser???

by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder Did you know that your animals can be their own diffuser? The animal’s hair coat is an easy way to apply essential oils and support their health and well-being! The animal’s natural heightened sense of smell brings the aroma of the essential oil to their nose as it activates anContinue reading “Cat Diffuser???”

Amazing Results with “Magnify Your Purpose” Essential Oil

Shelley Wallen, HTACP This oil was recommended for me, and shortly after it arrived, I had the perfect opportunity to use it on a horse with touching results. My client quickly purchased a Thoroughbred whose original owner was not pleased with her racing results.  The owners decided they didn’t have time to place an ad inContinue reading “Amazing Results with “Magnify Your Purpose” Essential Oil”

Animals and Healing Touch

by Debra Saxton (reprinted from Healing Touch California enewsletter) Much of our enewsletter focus in on our human community, but there is another group that also has a vested interest in Healing Touch: our friends in the animal kingdom. I’ve heard various stories from HT practitioners that indicate how much animals love HT sessions. OneContinue reading “Animals and Healing Touch”

Your Stress Can Affect Your Pet’s Health & Well-Being

Susan Blake Gonzalez, Healing Touch for Animals® Coordinator in Sarasota, Florida, and her husband Jaime Gonzalez, DVM, CVA, are the founders and owners of Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives. They were featured in the May/June 2016 issue of Suncoast Pet magazine. Article written by Candace T. Botha There are two things that I am certain on which everyoneContinue reading “Your Stress Can Affect Your Pet’s Health & Well-Being”


submitted by Diana Tilton, Dallas HTA Coordinator Legacy Boxer Rescue Alum Kruiser is my soul dog. I sensed his attempts to communicate with me but had no clue how to understand him,  “speak back” or help him.  We foster failed with him after being told he only had about 2 months to live due toContinue reading “HTA Is LIFE CHANGING!”

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