HTA helps lost dog

I got the best update tonight on a lost rescue dog I worked on (distance) HTA for a month.   He was running around Fort Collins for 43 days in October and November before coming to safety.   I ended up doing 22 sessions on the dog named GABE.   He was totally feral and had lived outside in Texas with over 50 other dogs in a hoarding situation and he is 2 years old and not neutered.  He had come to a rescue in Northern Colorado and had been there a month before he ran away. He had never been touched by anyone since coming to the rescue.  He had no trust for humans.  A door was left open by accident and he got out. I do most of my HTA work on lost dogs at night, since they travel during the day. This dog had feeding stations and cameras setup the whole time I worked on him. It was so cool to file my reports with the search coordinator and have her confirm he would lay down while I did the HTA work on him. Because he was feral, I had trouble keeping his root chakra open on a daily basis.  I have learned if I can keep all the chakra’s open, they will come to safety.  I used Bridging with Behavior to keep him from a specific yard (who threatened to shoot him with a gun).  I also used Bridging with Behavior, to tell him he must go to safety and that the ladies that were feeding him daily, were safe to go to.  I used energy field clearing with each session.  On a Saturday afternoon, I got an emergency message GABE was in a confined safe yard and they were afraid he would jump the fence before help could get there.  Five minutes later I started working on him. I did a Bridging with Behavior and told him “This was his time to be brave and trust the universe.  People were coming to help him and he would never go back to the rescue.  I would stay by him.” I then closed my eyes and did an etheric heartbeat on Gabe. Fifteen minutes later I got a text they had a slip lead on him and he was safe. Later that night the search coordinator texted me. “He was pacing the yard and then sat down and closed his eyes. They got a slip lead on him.” Gabe is rocking his foster home and I have had the pleasure to work on him since he got there.  Healing Touch for Animals saves another dog.  The first picture was taken October 3 while he was on the run.  The second picture was taken December 11 after being in his foster home for a month. 

Photo and story shared by Kathy B.

Intention: A Stamp of Approval

by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder

I have been in the field of energy therapy since 1988 and working with Healing Touch (HT) since 1989. We are taught from the beginning of our Healing Touch journey to set intention for the highest good, let go of outcome and realize that we are not doing the work. We facilitate the energy for the clients to do their own healing.allie-qyvq_sLu19M-unsplash (002)

When we do our HT sessions, we are grounded, centered and have the best intent of healing for the client. We also include ourselves in the intention because the energy is flowing through our own bodies before it flows into the individual receiving.

The body will receive the balance and the clearing as you provide your HT/HTA sessions. This is only the first step for the overall betterment during your session.

When we use our clear intent, it creates an imprint within the energy system that goes beyond just the session. The imprint establishes change that can be supported for the body to heal. It is a permanent application and the final step to our treatments. The intention is imprinting each molecule of the energy system with the clarity that is needed to make change.

As we work with a client (person or animal), our highest good intention is there. We include the specifics of why we are working with the client (cancer, habit change, desired acceleration of a personal goal). But think about the one step beyond and how you can provide a greater response of the body as you work.

We are taught to not focus on the outcome, but we really are looking for the best of the body’s response to heal. So are we not expecting an outcome of the most desirable health for this body? Of course we are. The difference is that we realize that the energy we provide for an individual is not coming directly from our own being, but the source is coming from God, Universe, Mother Earth, angels, spirit guides and the collective consciousness that impacts those involved.

It is not about the outcome, but rather the desired energetic imprint that happens as we work, which allows us to go one step beyond.

HTA & Euthanasia

submitted by Kristen Lecksell
Level 2 HTA Practitioner

My cat Kate came to me almost 15 years ago as a very little kitten – not even 3 months old.  A friend of a friend had rescued her from a family who had abused her, and this friend couldn’t keep her.  This is the picture she sent that melted my heart.  I took her, and despite her abuse at such a young age, Kate was a wonderful companion for nearly 15 years.  lecksell pic 1About a year prior to her death, I felt that her time with me was coming to a close.  That old familiar feeling of having to say goodbye was pressing in on me.  Nine years prior, I had to say goodbye to another cat companion Miss Emma, which was the first time I’d ever had to deal with making that dreaded decision.  My emotions and energy were all over the place, and  I couldn’t find my center.  I wanted to be better prepared for Kate.  I found a company that would euthanize her at my home, so we wouldn’t have to drive to the vet’s office which she hated.  When Kate’s eating became irregular, I made an appointment with a certified HTA Practitioner who had done some work on her in the past.  I felt relief that someone else would give Kate her last HTA session.

Unfortunately, my plans didn’t work out.  Kate started declining rapidly, and I needed to schedule her euthanasia before her scheduled HTA session.  I so wanted her to have a last HTA session with someone centered and calm enough to do a good job, but that universe had other plans. 

The evening prior to Kate’s euthanasia, I spent most of my time with her.  I put it in my mind that I would give her last HTA session despite my anxieties. We spent her last morning with her laying on my belly, and me giving her a lot of vibrational grooming.  This helped me focus my attention on being present in my own body so I could concentrate on being there for her.  I told her how much she had meant to me, and spoke about past events in our life together.  It was a nice way to calm my anxieties before having to get up and be dressed before I started her HTA session an hour before the vet arrived.  When that hour did finally arrive, Kate and I got on the bed, and I grounded myself for a few minutes, and then I began Etheric Heartbeat.  My mind would wander, but I kept bringing it back to the task.  Kate received the energy from my hands into her heart, and I imagined it filling up her heart gently.  The more I gave to her, the more she gave peace back to me, and the more I could focus on being a clear channel for the energy to flow.  About thirty minutes or so into the session, I felt the energy overflowing from her heart, so I brought my hands up and out wide so the energy could not only permeate every cell in her body, but also form a large sphere of loving energy around her.  Near the end of the session when I started to bring my hands back to her heart to close the circuit of energy, Kate yawned and stretched out her paw and placed it on my hand.
lecksell pic 2
That was a relaxation response that Carol often spoke about in the Level 2 class!  That warmed me to see that. The peace that surrounded us in that hour was such a gift.  The universe was conspiring to show me that I could indeed do this work even at a highly stressful time as saying goodbye to a dear companion.  What gifts HTA and my Kate gave me that day!

Savory Self Care

Let us take a pause to reflect on a critical component not only required as a healing practitioner but as an individual: Self-care.

Daily practices in self-care not only summon our True Nature, but they also help us to discern the difference between our natural intuition and the chaotic echoes created by our minds. When we don’t practice this discernment, it’s much like a sports player entering the game having not attended practice, and it’s difficult to hit one out of the park when one is out of practice. Simply put, we cannot offer energy work in a clean, meaningful way for others if our own energetic housework isn’t being done.

As healing practitioners we are entrusted with very deep, sacred spaces. In order to both understand and work within the appropriate level of depth that some of these spaces require, we must be anchored in our Higher Selves. Once we are anchored in our higher selves, only then can our body, mind, heart and spirit receive and share their harmonious gifts. Whether it’s time on the healing table, meditation, Yoga, time in nature, a favorite hobby and/or prayer, it’s crucial to have a consistent practice that feels nourishing and/or refuels your ability to serve others.

Don’t forget about the abundant and valuable resources and tools at your disposal as well. Between modern technology and the lights starting to switch on everywhere in the world, it is no longer difficult to find a community of like-minded individuals that feel supportive to you. And there is another stone that often goes unturned: Toolbox Inventory. It is necessary for each of us to take regular inventory of our toolboxes to be sure that the tools we’ve been using are still applicable and resonate in a meaningful way. For instance, if meditation was your elixir when you first stepped foot onto your path, perhaps now you’ve grown in a way that active meditation is also an elixir (conscious dance, jogging, etc.) This doesn’t mean that you have to let go of meditating altogether, it simply means that there may be other tools that work for you in addition to the originals. We are constantly changing and growing as individuals and it’s necessary to check in with yourself once in a while to be sure that your self-care practice is commensurate to that of your current needs.

So often we get lost in doing that we completely forget that some of our energetic work is shared when we are simply being. In order to have the tenacity and energy required to assist any individual in their healing process, proper rest and nourishment are also necessary. If we show up disheveled, unbalanced and tired, we’re not much good to anyone, including ourselves. While this may seem obvious, these practical practices in self-care are a reflection that our clients may be inspired to reciprocate. After all, rest and nutrition are key components for good health and balance overall.

The best part of being, no matter how practical it may seem, is witnessing the way in which is comes around full circle when your client’s self-care (reflected by yours) complements your session and their whole receiving meets your whole offering.

We’d love to hear about your daily self-care practice! Comment below to join the conversation.

Ethics and Energetics

As in any professional practice, HTA practitioners are guided by a Code of Ethics as well as Standards of Practice. These outlines were created as guideposts to assist a practitioner in knowing how and when to take the appropriate action. When our practitioners follow these standard practices, all parties can easily work together in a cooperative manner fostering an environment that best facilitates energy healing.

However, life isn’t black and white most of the time, and a practitioner may periodically find themselves questioning how to move forward in an appropriate manner. It is for this reason we felt like delving a little deeper into some of these standards and ethics here on the blog.

Highest Good
Since we are only to offer energy facilitation in accordance with the principle of highest good, let’s unpack that term.

Simply put without both identifying and understanding your intention, it’s impossible to know if we’re operating from a clean, loving space where only the highest good can abide.

Cooperative Medicine
Like all living things, animals require several elements in order to thrive. If one of these elements is removed, the being’s ability to thrive may be seriously compromised. We are here to assist the animal with their own natural energy healing process. Only a licensed veterinarian can treat an animal’s physical issues. And it may require all healing elements (physical, spiritual, emotional and mental) to assist the animal in returning to their natural state of thriving. This universal law makes it clear that we would be out of place by obstructing any other practitioner, specializing in any other scope of practice, if they were called in to assist an animal in healing.

Immense Gratitude to Healing Circle

I wanted to send my immense gratitude to the Healing Circle for being an integral part of my Whippet Adam’s miraculous healing. Words are inadequate. The energy work – combined with standard veterinary care, healing herbs,Community Conversation essential oils, my own research on diet – resulted in a complete recovery from end stage kidney failure. The vets are stunned. His blood work is NORMAL (apparently this just doesn’t happen from his degree of disease) and he has gained back all the weight he lost. In the throws of the situation and the physical/emotional demands, I just couldn’t do the work myself. We did have an end of life contract, but he kept giving me signs that he wanted to fight through it. It was great peace of mind knowing he was in the Circle and I wanted to share this happy story.

Much love,
Karen G. & Adam HTA-AP Practitioner

I Found my Heart Dog

By: Drea Robertson

Build a better animal human bond… hmmmmmm… what does that really mean?

Well, let me tell you what it means from my experience.

Eighteen years ago, my then fiancé and I sought out to adopt a puppy. We thought we had done so well with house plants, we should expand our responsibilities and get a dog, and perhaps one day, maybe be able to raise a child. 😊

We found this amazing little dog, a buff cocker spaniel, who won our hearts. She was in a group of other puppies all playing and biting the ears of one another. She was the only one who crawled in our laps, nestled in, and fell asleep. She was “the one”! Molly quickly earned our deep, unconditional love. She was our heart dog.

Molly was athletic, smart, intuitive and reciprocated the love we had for her. She was with us through our younger years, our wedding, the birth of our first, second and third child. She grew with us; she was one of our children.

Molly aged, as we all do. She became slower and less aware of daily sounds as her hearing declined. Her excited wagging tail greetings as we walked in the door became fewer and fewer.

On May 14, 2014, our heart dog transitioned. It was and continues to be one of the hardest and saddest days of our lives. The thought of that last good-bye still brings a thick lump in my throat.

Two months later, we met Bella. She is a black and tan cocker spaniel. When we learned that she was born on the same day that Molly crossed Rainbow Bridge, that’s all it took. Bella was all set to be our next heart dog.

I wish it was that easy. This time we brought a puppy into our home with three young children, a super busy lifestyle and a lingering amount of pain from the loss of Molly. I felt that the pain of that deep loss would lessen by having another dog. It didn’t; in fact, it may have gotten worse.

Disappointment, frustration, even shades of anger set in. Months went by and while our family loved and genuinely cared for our dog Bella, I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find that heart dog connection with her.

I talked with Carol Komitor, my boss and the Founder of Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA), about this missing dedication to a heart dog. She asked, “Are you doing the work?”

What she meant by that is, was I using the HTA techniques I had learned in the Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Level 1 class. I had this “well-duh” moment because I have this education and yet, hadn’t used it. I pulled out my workbook and started the Bridging™ technique.

This simple process, with easy hand placements, carried through with my unconditional love and highest desire to “build a bond” with our new family dog was unbelievable. Within 20 minutes, the bridge between us was founded, and our love became connected at the heart. While not replacing our love for Molly, Bella is now our heart dog.

~May your bridges be resilient, may they last forever and
may you find and keep a deep bond with your beloved pet.~

The Beginning of Healing Touch for Animals®

by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder

Janet Mentgen, BSN, RN, HNC, HTCP/I, the Founder of Healing Touch Program™ (HTP), had a profound influence in my life for which I am very grateful. Janet was the instructor for all of my Healing Touch training and was my mentor through my process of becoming a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor (HTCP/I).

Because of my background as a veterinary technician and at Janet’s direction, HTP began referring people to me with questions about applying Healing Touch to their animals. People were having difficulty with animals accepting the work. This is when I realized that people did not understand the energy system of animals. I began to combine my energetic knowledge as a Healing Touch Certified Instructor and my animal understanding to develop specific energy techniques to assist animals in their life processes.

My animal experiences gave me the drive and desire to offer these healing techniques to animals and their people through experiential courses. Janet and I discussed my developing and teaching a Healing Touch course for animals. She supported me in developing and creating an independent program for animals using the name Healing Touch.

Through my private practice, I developed techniques that support the animals’ energy system. The development continued until the Level 1 techniques were tried and true. The energetic information continued to build upon Level 1 and the consecutive HTA levels developed as the healing deepened with the animals and results happened beyond my initial vision.

First HTA WorkshopIn 1996, the Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) program was launched by the teaching of the first HTA course in the Hill Country of Texas. My initial vision was to teach HTA in the Denver area a couple times per year. To my delight and gratitude, HTA has turned into a multilevel international certification program for animal holistic healthcare.

I am grateful for each of you who embrace this work because you carry the ripple of healing energy into your communities. As a result of all the HTA Practitioners, this work continues to expand and grow.


What FEEDS You???

by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder


After 25 plus years of teaching, Healing Touch and Healing Touch for Animals®, I am in constant amazement of the results of energy therapy!


Knowing that energy flows inside and outside of the body is one thing, but being able to provide a balanced and clear energy system, during a session, brings JOY to my heart. The satisfying sense of awe comes over me and I feel blessed, grateful and humbled with each session.


When we can work with both animals and humans, it gives us a great understanding of how different we really are and yet how we can connect through balance. Adding the energy perspective to our healing work offers the deepest of bonds and FEEDS the soul.


For all who practice energy therapy, embrace the fact that your hands and loving hearts reach far beyond the physical form! You make our world a better place…


Cat Diffuser???

by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder

Did you know that your animals can be their own diffuser? The animal’s hair coat is an easy way to apply essential oils and support their health and well-being!patch-diffuser

The animal’s natural heightened sense of smell brings the aroma of the essential oil to their nose as it activates an inhalation process. The hair coat works as a diffuser and the essential oil will also absorb into the hair follicles and skin. The body’s circulation then picks-up the oil’s chemical constituents and carries its benefits throughout the body.

1. Place 1-2 drops of your quality essential oil in the palm of your hand.
2. Rub your palms together.
3. Begin at the back of the head (avoid the area around the eyes and the ears) and brush down the body, along the spine and off the tail.
4. Brush under the chin and down the neck to the chest.

Instant Diffuser! The essential oil distribution on the hair coat will remain for a good amount of time.

P.S.  When “Patch” sits on my lap after I have applied an essential oil to his hair coat, he becomes my diffuser. Bonus!