Not An Ordinary Sunday ❤

“Approximately one year ago, I participated in a Level 1 class in San Diego. I had signed up for just the fundamentals and the small animal class. Carol saw the way the dogs gravitated toward me and encouraged me to participate in the Sunday large animal class as well.

That day at the ranch, and the connection I made with the beautiful gray Quarter horse, changed my life.

Without any previous training, I never expected to have such an intimate experience where the connection could be visibly seen and physically felt by all around us (especially the horse’s handler!). This experience led me down the road to Animal Communication, which is something I had only dreamed of doing all of my life. That one experience proved to me that I did have what it takes to connect with an animal and share thoughts and ideas with them.

I have been on the learning path of animal communication since that day. My skills are getting stronger and I have successfully communicated with many animals since. 

I wanted to thank you for seeing something in me and recommending that I participate on that cold, rainy day. That one Sunday was not an ordinary Sunday”

                                                                                          -Terrianne McGrath

Bridging Animals to People™ 22-23 Series

As we conclude our first Bridging Animals to People™ in-person series, we reflect and thank all those who were able to join us in learning how to adapt Healing Touch for Animals® techniques to help support individual’s healing practices on people and to promote self-care.

“Thank you so much for your gift and allowing us to learn from you and be able to spread light and love to everyone we come into contact with.” – Anonymous

“One of the best classes I’ve taken… I’ll be back!” – Lee Gysel

“Energy work was beautiful. Thank you Carol!” – Anonymous

“Thank you Carol for the change you’ve created for so many lives & the ripple effect.” – Deanna M. Main

“Cool to see it used on people. It was wonderful to share space with my tribe again.” – Anonymous

Stay tuned for our next BAP series coming soon!

Creepy Crawlies Enjoy Energy Work Too!

Facebook is a great avenue to communicate with the Healing Touch for Animals® student community! Practitioners share questions, tips, and support. A Facebook post on Healing Touch for Animals® Student Page from April 20, 2022 shared a question on an unusual animal who could benefit from energy healing.

Melinda Lee: Hi y’all! I need the hive mind. I will be working with a tarantula in a few weeks. I have not been able to find information about their chakras. Does anyone have a resource? Thanks!

Carol Komitor: I looked up tarantula anatomy—this is really good!

Not sure they have chakras like other animals. What I have observed is that there are two separate energies through the two sections of the body. The energy feels like two subtle energies that join and harmonize, yet feel different. The joints of their legs seem more like what we are used to working with on extremities of other animals only minimal in energy presence. The best that I can describe is the two sections of their body each have an energy about them that holds their life force. It “feels” like (when balanced) two separate energies that are working together. The joints of the legs have an energy about them. None of the energy feels like a 2 or 4-legged. It’s more subtle, yet very vibrant. Here is what I have done: I have placed one hand under the body and one hand over (or project your healing energy, if Mr. T isn’t friendly) and allowed energy coming from my hands to do the work. It doesn’t take long and it’s dramatic how positively they respond. 

What I will say is, they create a curiosity and a challenge to “follow “ the energy flow through the whole body! And then your intent might just wander to the part of the body that makes all the silky threads for their webs…curious—right!!! 

Soooo much FUN!

Melinda Lee: Update about my tarantula session! Thank you to all who helped and commented!

The spider energy was incredible! They both moved and shifted their legs to accommodate and help facilitate the energy. Their mom said she has never seen them act so calm when she pet them afterward.

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The first “live” Bridging Animals to People class inspires and delights the Netherlands.

Teaching how energy therapies can be used with animals is my joyful job! I love sharing energy techniques that support the health and well-being of our animals.

The unique animal techniques developed specifically for Healing Touch for Animals® can easily be used to support people for their own health and energy balance. I have been using the HTA techniques for myself and for my people clients since they “downloaded” for the animal program. Just like for the animals, the techniques provide relaxation to invite healing for the body, mind, and spirit, adding more tools to assist our people.                                  

Netherlands—September 2022! Bridging Animals to People™ was presented live for the first time! I say, “live” because I have presented a shortened version through an online webinar.

Six specific HTA techniques that help to support the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of people were offered in this one-day course. The students learned how to use the techniques with their human clients and how to support their own self-care. We incorporated the use of our therapeutic essential oils for additional care and experienced a special day for health, balance, manifestation, and FUN!

Thank you to all the people in the Netherlands for this terrific, first-time experience! Your healing community is solid! Your caring hearts and healing hands are touching more than just our animals—the people are now benefitting, too!

Check-out the Bridging Animals to People™ course being offered in your area!

Harmony in the Household

While working a part-time event seven years ago, a co-worker and I became friends over our love of animals. We had funny stories to share about our pets. During that time, she was adopting a new cat to add to her family of two dogs and one cat. When I saw her at work the next week she was in tears when she talked about her new addition because no one was getting along. She was afraid she would have to take the cat back to the shelter. The cat and dogs she already had were acting out and all the animals were in separate rooms at different times. I remembered hearing how the Young Living essential oil blend called Harmony was helpful for relationships. After some searching at home, I found my unused bottle and gave her a small sample. I suggested diffusing it or applying one drop directly to all the animals along their spine. The next day she was so happy because the animals had declared a truce and were not acting aggressively like they were before. By the next week, she said she had to stop using it because all the animals were so calm and would just lay around, almost like they were sedated! She sent me a great picture of all four animals laying peacefully in the living room together as a new family.

Since that time, Harmony is my favorite oil to use with my Healing Touch for Animals students and no longer sits on a back shelf!  Perfect for when animals or people are in new situations like a new household, a different environment, or where they will be around new people or animals. Recently, I had a client who fostered cats. One of her cats was in transit to a new household after her owner had passed. She was moving to a family member’s home who had several other animals. Again, I recommended Harmony essential oil and when the move happened, all the animals were calm and accepting of each other.

Personally, anytime I go to the dog park where my dogs will meet lots of new friends, we all get a drop of Harmony to ensure a fun time. I also use it with family members who have dogs that are a little protective of their space. One drop and their dogs are calmer and more willing to meet new people and other dogs. Imagine the uses for in-laws, coworkers, and spouses!

Cristi Eckert

Owner, Natural Pet Wellness

The Energetics of Buddy Sour

How do I help my horses that are Buddy Sour?

I love these kinds of questions because it gives me an opportunity to explore and think about the energy behind the problem.

Buddy Sour is a term for separation anxiety with horses. The horses become such dependent buddies that it seems they are joined at the hip. The dynamics of their well-being when the horses are separated begins to domino into complete chaos.

This blog will help with the understanding of this troublesome situation by explaining the energy effects of the problem and then offer solutions to help the horses calm their anxiety.

When there is a Buddy Sour label or diagnosis, it is important to establish trust and leadership to the person involved with their care. The person must be the one who the horse looks to for guidance. The horse must hold a secure sense of safety to maintain a clear sense of self.

Some would say that Buddy Sour is a training issue, and I would agree, however, it is also an energetic disturbance that can be repaired. Training will give the physical foundation to support the energy repair, therefore empowering each of the horses to be whole unto themselves as they remain friends.

The energetic repair and strengthening will create the well-being desired for the individual horse. The energy balance will allow the horse to gain trust with their handler as their behavior shifts into a strong, gentle presence. A balanced energy system brings in a sense of well-being which enables a better animal-human bond.

I will not speak to the training aspect of this situation because there are many amazing trainers who will offer suggestions.

I will, however, address the energetics and the easy applications that can be done by the Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioner to help a Buddy Sour situation. I will list a link to a trainer (who I found online) that has some solid common-sense suggestions, offered through kindness, that will help establish leadership for the horse person.

Buddy Sour and the Physical:

Physically, the horses eat and graze together, play together and they rest and sleep near one another. The buddies are always watching out for and interacting with their best friend. This seemingly peaceful and loving relationship only becomes a problem when one of the pair is taken away from the other, then havoc ensues. Pacing, squealing, and panic overcomes the horse left behind. The horse taken away also
displays anxious behavior and so the term Buddy Sour.

Buddy Sour and the Energy:

The energy system of the healthy horse is separate from other horses. When there is a Buddy Sour situation, the horse’s energy is not separate, but in fact, one big energy bubble shared by the horses involved. This blended energy presence of the two horses creates a hyper-sensitivity to everything around the pair.

The two horse’s energy fields blend and work in unison as they move around their environment. They do not have proper energetic boundaries to contain their sensitivity, therefore, they rely on their pasture buddy to help them survive. This situation accelerates the fight or flight response and takes the horse out of an emotional safety. They do not work as an individual as the horse becomes dependent

on the other horse for their safety and security. When one of the horses is removed, it is as if the other is torn apart. This kind of condition, if we were looking at a human, could be classified as co-dependent behavior.

Energetic Application:

Here are suggested energy applications that can help horse anxiety. The techniques suggested are from the Healing Touch for Animals® curriculum and address several levels of the HTA Program. Remember when working with such conditions, you use what you know to support the desired outcome. Through clear intention, use of the HTA techniques to balance, clear and stabilize the energy system, and proper training of the horse, Buddy Sour can be changed.

HTA Techniques to choose from for Buddy Sour:

  • Bridging with Behavior Change™
  • Bridging™
  • Chakra Balance™
  • Chi Balance™
  • Etheric Heartbeat™
  • God’s Eye™
  • Grounding & Focus™
  • Hara Repair and Balance™
  • Magnetic Clearing™
  • Sound Therapy OM Balance™

Essential Oils Suggestions to use with Buddy Sour HTA Sessions:

  • Basil
  • Bergamot
  • Frankincense
  • Geranium
  • Grounding™
  • Idaho Blue Spruce™
  • Melissa
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce™
  • Peace & Calming™

Steps to remember for reducing Buddy Sour

  1. Training to gain trust.
  2. Energy clearing and balance to stabilize a strong energy system.
  3. Follow through with both training and energetic support to maintain a sense of
    security for the horses involved.

Training link:
Western Horseman Magazine (2018), Jennifer Zehnder-author

HTA helps lost dog

I got the best update tonight on a lost rescue dog I worked on (distance) HTA for a month.   He was running around Fort Collins for 43 days in October and November before coming to safety.   I ended up doing 22 sessions on the dog named GABE.   He was totally feral and had lived outside in Texas with over 50 other dogs in a hoarding situation and he is 2 years old and not neutered.  He had come to a rescue in Northern Colorado and had been there a month before he ran away. He had never been touched by anyone since coming to the rescue.  He had no trust for humans.  A door was left open by accident and he got out. I do most of my HTA work on lost dogs at night, since they travel during the day. This dog had feeding stations and cameras setup the whole time I worked on him. It was so cool to file my reports with the search coordinator and have her confirm he would lay down while I did the HTA work on him. Because he was feral, I had trouble keeping his root chakra open on a daily basis.  I have learned if I can keep all the chakra’s open, they will come to safety.  I used Bridging with Behavior to keep him from a specific yard (who threatened to shoot him with a gun).  I also used Bridging with Behavior, to tell him he must go to safety and that the ladies that were feeding him daily, were safe to go to.  I used energy field clearing with each session.  On a Saturday afternoon, I got an emergency message GABE was in a confined safe yard and they were afraid he would jump the fence before help could get there.  Five minutes later I started working on him. I did a Bridging with Behavior and told him “This was his time to be brave and trust the universe.  People were coming to help him and he would never go back to the rescue.  I would stay by him.” I then closed my eyes and did an etheric heartbeat on Gabe. Fifteen minutes later I got a text they had a slip lead on him and he was safe. Later that night the search coordinator texted me. “He was pacing the yard and then sat down and closed his eyes. They got a slip lead on him.” Gabe is rocking his foster home and I have had the pleasure to work on him since he got there.  Healing Touch for Animals saves another dog.  The first picture was taken October 3 while he was on the run.  The second picture was taken December 11 after being in his foster home for a month. 

Photo and story shared by Kathy B.

Intention: A Stamp of Approval

by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder

I have been in the field of energy therapy since 1988 and working with Healing Touch (HT) since 1989. We are taught from the beginning of our Healing Touch journey to set intention for the highest good, let go of outcome and realize that we are not doing the work. We facilitate the energy for the clients to do their own healing.allie-qyvq_sLu19M-unsplash (002)

When we do our HT sessions, we are grounded, centered and have the best intent of healing for the client. We also include ourselves in the intention because the energy is flowing through our own bodies before it flows into the individual receiving.

The body will receive the balance and the clearing as you provide your HT/HTA sessions. This is only the first step for the overall betterment during your session.

When we use our clear intent, it creates an imprint within the energy system that goes beyond just the session. The imprint establishes change that can be supported for the body to heal. It is a permanent application and the final step to our treatments. The intention is imprinting each molecule of the energy system with the clarity that is needed to make change.

As we work with a client (person or animal), our highest good intention is there. We include the specifics of why we are working with the client (cancer, habit change, desired acceleration of a personal goal). But think about the one step beyond and how you can provide a greater response of the body as you work.

We are taught to not focus on the outcome, but we really are looking for the best of the body’s response to heal. So are we not expecting an outcome of the most desirable health for this body? Of course we are. The difference is that we realize that the energy we provide for an individual is not coming directly from our own being, but the source is coming from God, Universe, Mother Earth, angels, spirit guides and the collective consciousness that impacts those involved.

It is not about the outcome, but rather the desired energetic imprint that happens as we work, which allows us to go one step beyond.

HTA & Euthanasia

submitted by Kristen Lecksell
Level 2 HTA Practitioner

My cat Kate came to me almost 15 years ago as a very little kitten – not even 3 months old.  A friend of a friend had rescued her from a family who had abused her, and this friend couldn’t keep her.  This is the picture she sent that melted my heart.  I took her, and despite her abuse at such a young age, Kate was a wonderful companion for nearly 15 years.  lecksell pic 1About a year prior to her death, I felt that her time with me was coming to a close.  That old familiar feeling of having to say goodbye was pressing in on me.  Nine years prior, I had to say goodbye to another cat companion Miss Emma, which was the first time I’d ever had to deal with making that dreaded decision.  My emotions and energy were all over the place, and  I couldn’t find my center.  I wanted to be better prepared for Kate.  I found a company that would euthanize her at my home, so we wouldn’t have to drive to the vet’s office which she hated.  When Kate’s eating became irregular, I made an appointment with a certified HTA Practitioner who had done some work on her in the past.  I felt relief that someone else would give Kate her last HTA session.

Unfortunately, my plans didn’t work out.  Kate started declining rapidly, and I needed to schedule her euthanasia before her scheduled HTA session.  I so wanted her to have a last HTA session with someone centered and calm enough to do a good job, but that universe had other plans. 

The evening prior to Kate’s euthanasia, I spent most of my time with her.  I put it in my mind that I would give her last HTA session despite my anxieties. We spent her last morning with her laying on my belly, and me giving her a lot of vibrational grooming.  This helped me focus my attention on being present in my own body so I could concentrate on being there for her.  I told her how much she had meant to me, and spoke about past events in our life together.  It was a nice way to calm my anxieties before having to get up and be dressed before I started her HTA session an hour before the vet arrived.  When that hour did finally arrive, Kate and I got on the bed, and I grounded myself for a few minutes, and then I began Etheric Heartbeat.  My mind would wander, but I kept bringing it back to the task.  Kate received the energy from my hands into her heart, and I imagined it filling up her heart gently.  The more I gave to her, the more she gave peace back to me, and the more I could focus on being a clear channel for the energy to flow.  About thirty minutes or so into the session, I felt the energy overflowing from her heart, so I brought my hands up and out wide so the energy could not only permeate every cell in her body, but also form a large sphere of loving energy around her.  Near the end of the session when I started to bring my hands back to her heart to close the circuit of energy, Kate yawned and stretched out her paw and placed it on my hand.
lecksell pic 2
That was a relaxation response that Carol often spoke about in the Level 2 class!  That warmed me to see that. The peace that surrounded us in that hour was such a gift.  The universe was conspiring to show me that I could indeed do this work even at a highly stressful time as saying goodbye to a dear companion.  What gifts HTA and my Kate gave me that day!

Savory Self Care

Let us take a pause to reflect on a critical component not only required as a healing practitioner but as an individual: Self-care.

Daily practices in self-care not only summon our True Nature, but they also help us to discern the difference between our natural intuition and the chaotic echoes created by our minds. When we don’t practice this discernment, it’s much like a sports player entering the game having not attended practice, and it’s difficult to hit one out of the park when one is out of practice. Simply put, we cannot offer energy work in a clean, meaningful way for others if our own energetic housework isn’t being done.

As healing practitioners we are entrusted with very deep, sacred spaces. In order to both understand and work within the appropriate level of depth that some of these spaces require, we must be anchored in our Higher Selves. Once we are anchored in our higher selves, only then can our body, mind, heart and spirit receive and share their harmonious gifts. Whether it’s time on the healing table, meditation, Yoga, time in nature, a favorite hobby and/or prayer, it’s crucial to have a consistent practice that feels nourishing and/or refuels your ability to serve others.

Don’t forget about the abundant and valuable resources and tools at your disposal as well. Between modern technology and the lights starting to switch on everywhere in the world, it is no longer difficult to find a community of like-minded individuals that feel supportive to you. And there is another stone that often goes unturned: Toolbox Inventory. It is necessary for each of us to take regular inventory of our toolboxes to be sure that the tools we’ve been using are still applicable and resonate in a meaningful way. For instance, if meditation was your elixir when you first stepped foot onto your path, perhaps now you’ve grown in a way that active meditation is also an elixir (conscious dance, jogging, etc.) This doesn’t mean that you have to let go of meditating altogether, it simply means that there may be other tools that work for you in addition to the originals. We are constantly changing and growing as individuals and it’s necessary to check in with yourself once in a while to be sure that your self-care practice is commensurate to that of your current needs.

So often we get lost in doing that we completely forget that some of our energetic work is shared when we are simply being. In order to have the tenacity and energy required to assist any individual in their healing process, proper rest and nourishment are also necessary. If we show up disheveled, unbalanced and tired, we’re not much good to anyone, including ourselves. While this may seem obvious, these practical practices in self-care are a reflection that our clients may be inspired to reciprocate. After all, rest and nutrition are key components for good health and balance overall.

The best part of being, no matter how practical it may seem, is witnessing the way in which is comes around full circle when your client’s self-care (reflected by yours) complements your session and their whole receiving meets your whole offering.

We’d love to hear about your daily self-care practice! Comment below to join the conversation.

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