Not An Ordinary Sunday ❤

“Approximately one year ago, I participated in a Level 1 class in San Diego. I had signed up for just the fundamentals and the small animal class. Carol saw the way the dogs gravitated toward me and encouraged me to participate in the Sunday large animal class as well. That day at the ranch, andContinue reading “Not An Ordinary Sunday ❤”

Harmony in the Household

While working a part-time event seven years ago, a co-worker and I became friends over our love of animals. We had funny stories to share about our pets. During that time, she was adopting a new cat to add to her family of two dogs and one cat. When I saw her at work theContinue reading “Harmony in the Household”

HTA helps lost dog

I got the best update tonight on a lost rescue dog I worked on (distance) HTA for a month.   He was running around Fort Collins for 43 days in October and November before coming to safety.   I ended up doing 22 sessions on the dog named GABE.   He was totally feral and had lived outsideContinue reading “HTA helps lost dog”

Intention: A Stamp of Approval

by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder I have been in the field of energy therapy since 1988 and working with Healing Touch (HT) since 1989. We are taught from the beginning of our Healing Touch journey to set intention for the highest good, let go of outcome and realize that we are not doing the work.Continue reading “Intention: A Stamp of Approval”

Ethics and Energetics

As in any professional practice, HTA practitioners are guided by a Code of Ethics as well as Standards of Practice. These outlines were created as guideposts to assist a practitioner in knowing how and when to take the appropriate action. When our practitioners follow these standard practices, all parties can easily work together in aContinue reading “Ethics and Energetics”

Immense Gratitude to Healing Circle

I wanted to send my immense gratitude to the Healing Circle for being an integral part of my Whippet Adam’s miraculous healing. Words are inadequate. The energy work – combined with standard veterinary care, healing herbs, essential oils, my own research on diet – resulted in a complete recovery from end stage kidney failure. TheContinue reading “Immense Gratitude to Healing Circle”

The Beginning of Healing Touch for Animals®

by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder Janet Mentgen, BSN, RN, HNC, HTCP/I, the Founder of Healing Touch Program™ (HTP), had a profound influence in my life for which I am very grateful. Janet was the instructor for all of my Healing Touch training and was my mentor through my process of becoming a Healing Touch CertifiedContinue reading “The Beginning of Healing Touch for Animals®”

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