Cat Diffuser???

by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder Did you know that your animals can be their own diffuser? The animal’s hair coat is an easy way to apply essential oils and support their health and well-being! The animal’s natural heightened sense of smell brings the aroma of the essential oil to their nose as it activates anContinue reading “Cat Diffuser???”

Amazing Results with “Magnify Your Purpose” Essential Oil

Shelley Wallen, HTACP This oil was recommended for me, and shortly after it arrived, I had the perfect opportunity to use it on a horse with touching results. My client quickly purchased a Thoroughbred whose original owner was not pleased with her racing results.  The owners decided they didn’t have time to place an ad inContinue reading “Amazing Results with “Magnify Your Purpose” Essential Oil”

Animals and Healing Touch

by Debra Saxton (reprinted from Healing Touch California enewsletter) Much of our enewsletter focus in on our human community, but there is another group that also has a vested interest in Healing Touch: our friends in the animal kingdom. I’ve heard various stories from HT practitioners that indicate how much animals love HT sessions. OneContinue reading “Animals and Healing Touch”

Your Stress Can Affect Your Pet’s Health & Well-Being

Susan Blake Gonzalez, Healing Touch for Animals® Coordinator in Sarasota, Florida, and her husband Jaime Gonzalez, DVM, CVA, are the founders and owners of Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives. They were featured in the May/June 2016 issue of Suncoast Pet magazine. Article written by Candace T. Botha There are two things that I am certain on which everyoneContinue reading “Your Stress Can Affect Your Pet’s Health & Well-Being”

HTA and Hydrotherapy Work Together

Becca LaPole, HTA Level 1 Practitioner, is a SPLASH Coach at Advanced Animal Care of Colorado. She combines HTA techniques with hydrotherapy to assist dogs of every age and experience level with swimming. “I have found Bridging™ to be extremely effective in taking away the dogs’ fears and allowing them to realize that they are safe. I can also use Vibrational Grooming™ while theyContinue reading “HTA and Hydrotherapy Work Together”

Healing Touch for Animals® Celebrates 20 Years!

Rose Kennedy once said, “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” It’s true, and this spring Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is celebrating 20 years of those life-changing moments. Each moment is itself a milestone – a milestone for people like shelter volunteer Pat Barton of Raleigh, North Carolina, who brought Darkness, aContinue reading “Healing Touch for Animals® Celebrates 20 Years!”

Healing Touch for Animals® and Its Impact on Animal Adoptions

The following heartwarming story was submitted by one of our Healing Touch for Animals® Certified Practitioners . . . TABBY by Susan C. Kaufmann, HTACP I started on my HTA journey after volunteering for a number of years as a Feline Adoption Counselor at a large animal welfare center in my area. I saw howContinue reading “Healing Touch for Animals® and Its Impact on Animal Adoptions”

Whose Heart is Healed?

Working with energy medicine helps to keep the practitioner in balance. Each time we enter another’s energy field, touch the physical body and guide the energy system into balance, we also become balanced ourselves. Our intentional presence allows our unconditional heart to lead the way to healing as we provide the course of action ofContinue reading “Whose Heart is Healed?”

What is Healing Touch for Animals®?

Watch this video: Discover Healing Touch for Animals®. Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) wants everyone to discover exactly what HTA is all about – anyone can learn how to apply easy, specific techniques to energetically support the health and well-being of animals and people alike. HTA Level 1 is the place to start! To thankContinue reading “What is Healing Touch for Animals®?”