Immense Gratitude to Healing Circle

I wanted to send my immense gratitude to the Healing Circle for being an integral part of my Whippet Adam’s miraculous healing. Words are inadequate. The energy work – combined with standard veterinary care, healing herbs,Community Conversation essential oils, my own research on diet – resulted in a complete recovery from end stage kidney failure. The vets are stunned. His blood work is NORMAL (apparently this just doesn’t happen from his degree of disease) and he has gained back all the weight he lost. In the throws of the situation and the physical/emotional demands, I just couldn’t do the work myself. We did have an end of life contract, but he kept giving me signs that he wanted to fight through it. It was great peace of mind knowing he was in the Circle and I wanted to share this happy story.

Much love,
Karen G. & Adam HTA-AP Practitioner

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