submitted by Diana Tilton, Dallas HTA Coordinator

Legacy Boxer Rescue Alum Kruiser is my soul dog. I sensed his attempts to communicate Boxer Kruiser 2with me but had no clue how to understand him,  “speak back” or help him.  We foster failed with him after being told he only had about 2 months to live due to cancer in his leg. His bucket list had “parents of my own” on it so we adopted him.  He subsequently survived his first bout with cancer by amputation of a back leg. That was over 2 years ago. Now he was battling another form of aggressive cancer on his side. Kruiser ultimately led me to Healing Touch For Animals®.

When I walked into the Friday night Intro To Healing Touch class I had no idea what to expect. I was a 32 year veteran police officer. As a detective, physical evidence is important. All of a sudden I am hearing about things I could not see and had never heard of. All the other students seemed to be getting it. I was growing more and more frustrated. I did not “feel” “effervescent bubbles in my palms” or “see the color green”. (comments from other students that did)  Had I made a mistake?

The next day at the Small Animal Class I had Kruiser with me. HTA Founder Carol Komitor was our instructor. She worked on Kruiser during the class and I was grateful and Boxer Kruiser at classwondered if I would ever be able to do what she could do. She told me Kruiser was a healer dog, and held everyone in the room in his energy.  So THAT is why I always felt differently around him. My friends often had positive reactions to being around Kruiser. That part was starting to make sense. But I still felt like I was behind everyone else. No animal spirit guides visited me during meditation. Carol gave me some advice. Relax and have faith in the process, do the steps and know that it would work. Be patient, slow down and quit over thinking everything. That’s hard sometimes for a type A personality control freak to do, but I did as she asked.

During the Large Animal Class everything began to fall in place. The energy of the horses was powerful. That day I could feel energy coursing through me and the horses. I felt it Diana horse dayfrom other students.  It was quite simply, amazing. Carol guided us in an animal spirit guide meditation that basically blew my mind. I had a visitor with a message. I cried and could not articulate what I was feeling. It was a profound experience. I knew then my life would never be the same.

I came home and worked on my Boxers, including Legacy Boxer Rescue Long Term Foster Miss Demeanor. She always worries and frets about life. It is evident in her facial expression.  But after several HTA sessions and the use of Young Living Essential Oils, she is like a different dog. (Before and After photo below)
Boxer Miss Demeanor Before The worry lines disappeared. She looked relaxed and happy. She plays again and runs around like a pup. For a senior Boxer with cardiomyopathy, severe spondylosis and the beginning stages of degenerative myelopathy that is amazing to see.
Boxers Tooter and Stevie
Legacy Boxer Rescue Alums Tooter  (L)  and my sweet little girl Stevie (R) enjoy HTA as well. I have seen them both benefit from HTA sessions with my own eyes! I can tell they love it and I love the connection we have during our sessions. So what next?

I wondered why there were no classes near the DFW Metroplex in Texas. So I applied to be the HTA coordinator for my area and was thrilled when Carol hired me! I retired from my full time job at the end of that year. HTA is a total 360 from what I was doing before. I dedicated 32 years to helping people. Now I can spend my retirement years helping animals. BUT, I have discovered it is not Boxer Kruiseruncommon for students who attend the Level 1 HTA class to have a spiritual break through. Especially the newbies like me. It’s amazing to watch others start that journey.  I have made some very meaningful friendships through HTA and love that I have friends I can explore this new world with. It’s like the curtain has lifted and things are falling into place. I am excited about life and want to keep exploring and learning. HTA is LIFE CHANGING. And Kruiser? A year has passed since that level 1 class, he is currently cancer free, and we talk ALL the time.

How Trauma Release Helped Rescued Animal

As animal lovers, most of us firmly believe that puppy mills operate for the sole purpose of making a profit, with little or no concern toward the animals that are bred. Even though these shady operations have come under scrutiny for their mistreatment of animals, too many are still in operation. When dogs are lucky enough to be rescued from puppy mill situations by caring individuals, there can be a happy ending. Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner Jean Baugh of Aurora, Colorado, shares one such story of trauma release:

Poodie is a beautiful little white male poodle who came to me through my volunteer work with a rescue. His previous life in a puppy mill left this gentle boy fearful and isolated, and unable to connect with people or the world.

Time after time he was overlooked at adoption fairs as he tried to be as small as possible and avoid any eye contact. When he came to me, he did bond closely although he still cringed at a gentle touch, retreated from reaching hands, and remained very wary of males. On walks, he stayed so close to me I had to be careful to avoid tripping over him. He constantly looked at me with huge eyes as if searching for clues.

I took Poodie to a level 2 Healing Touch for Animals® workshop where Carol demonstrated Trauma Release on him. Poodie quickly melted into a little pile of fluff under Carol’s touch. As he allowed the energy to flow, his eyes fluttered shut and he totally relaxed. When the time came for the release, he refused to take a deep breath for several minutes but it finally came.

We went for a walk while the workshop attendees practiced the release techniques. Poodie trotted out with new energy, head held high, with his eyes and nose taking in everything around him. Several times he left my side to explore. As we entered the hotel to rejoin the group, we followed a couple checking in. The strange man was pushing a huge luggage cart piled with bags but Poodie trotted right in behind him with no problems. As I was filling Carol in on the changes I was already seeing, Poodie left my side again curiously approaching a group working nearby on the floor. He greeted both humans and dog. He allowed several attendees to pet him without shrinking from their touch. When we returned to our chair, Poodie took his first nice long drink of water that day, put his paws on my knees, gazed up with happy soft eyes, and allowed me to pick him up—a new behavior that he performed repeatedly!

Healing touch truly healed Poodie and has allowed him to move forward, with a newfound engagement with the world around him.

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Energy Medicine Helps Horse Overcome Disease

Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is a holistic approach to treating animals for injuries, illness, and other issues. Nothing is as powerful as witnessing the changes in an animal, and the story we are sharing here is a prime example of that.  Here is Denver resident Susan Williamson’s experience with the healing touch with “Charlie”:

My horse, Charlie, and I had been struggling with moving lameness issues for six years. About four years ago, we finally determined that he has a disease called Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM). Even though we made all of the appropriate feed and exercise changes, Charlie had never been able to improve for longer than four to six months without relapsing.

After a year-long layoff in pasture, we tried his rehab again. All was going well for about six months, at which point he had a relapse. So the vets came out again and the news was not good: Charlie was sore in every joint. They tested and ruled out all known autoimmune diseases in horses. The news got worse: If there was no improvement after 60 days, they were recommending permanent retirement or worse. He was just 11 at the time!

Because we have already done everything the vets knew to do to help Charlie, we tried what I called a “Hail Mary.” Another feed change and only hand walking for 60 days, though I couldn’t fathom how reducing his feed and exercise could help him. But I couldn’t stand the thought of permanently retiring Charlie—or worse— so I searched for other things that could help my best friend.

I found Healing Touch for Animals® and took the Level 1 course. I immediately began working with Charlie using the tools I learned. I also did an intense Energy Session with a lot of Magnetic Clearing.

Within a week I saw major changes. Charlie was able to be hand-walked for 20 minutes without having any issues, and his playful, fun loving personality came out again. When the vets came in for the 60-day re-evaluation (10 days after Charlie’s energy treatment), they were pleasantly surprised. The vets decided that Charlie was 65 percent improved!!! I was given the go ahead to slowly start working him again.

A month after that evaluation, Charlie was being exercised nearly an hour a day—including 30 minutes of trotting and 20 minutes of me actually riding him (only at a walk). I have continued with his energy work and massage, and I continue to see improvement every day. He may never fully recover, but I know that I have helped him release some of his pain. This is evident from the vets’ evaluation as well as watching him being playful again.

I feel so blessed that I found HTA. I don’t know where Charlie and I would be without it—literally!


If you have a personal story with healing touch or energy medicine, we would love to hear about it. Please contact us!

Energy Medicine and Self-Healing

energy medicine

Patch reminds us of how empowering energy medicine is to the body’s ability to self-heal

As we settle in for work each morning at the Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) office, an orange, bull’s-eye tabby cat named Patch often comes in to greet us. Our unofficial mascot—and feline companion to HTA founder Carol Komitor—weaves his way through the office, stopping by nearly everyone for a quick scratch behind the ears…each pause punctuated by his delicate mews.

Although most of us wouldn’t mind living Patch’s luxuriously lazy life, he had a fairly rough time of it before he found his forever home with Carol. She first spotted him after a business meeting at a local animal shelter, noticing instantly the stitches that covered the place where his left eye had been.  What truly struck Carol was that in spite of his serious injuries from being hit by a car, he still had an amazing willingness to connect with the humans around him. His instant connection with Carol was particularly strong, and she knew she had to bring him home.

Named “Patch” both for Carol’s love of quilting and the obvious handiwork to his eye, this sweet and engaging animal would be given a second chance. Carol knew that Healing Touch for Animals® would both help him to heal more quickly from his physical injuries as well as assist him in integrating into a new household.

Soon after his arrival into Carol’s home, she began doing daily HTA sessions along with the application of essential oils. This helped give Patch relief from pain at the eye enucleation site as well as his other injuries. Carol found that three essential oils were most helpful in Patch’s recovery and assimilation into his new home:  Copaiba, which helped reduce inflammation around his eye, and Peace and Calming and Basil essential oils, which aided with Patch’s emotional mending. Whereas traditional veterinary medicine enabled Patch to survive his injuries, HTA along with essential oils gave him what he needed not only to heal but to thrive.

As a frequent visitor to the Healing Touch for Animals® and an essential member of Carol’s household, Patch is a visual reminder of just how empowering energy medicine is to the body’s ability to self-heal.

How Energy Healing Works

The knowledge that the human body is made up of layers of energy is not something new. It is a way of life for many different societies and energy healing methods have been practiced for thousands of years all over the world.  Having an understanding of how the body responds while energy medicine is being facilitated provides the basics of how healing occurs.


Physiology Response of Energy Healing chart

Founder of Healing Touch for Animals® Carol Komitor developed the Physiology Response of Energy Healing chart to help explain how energy medicine works for people as well as animals. This chart illustrates a full perspective of the body’s reactions to energy medicine. With energetic vocabulary, the chart describes the physiological response of the body while being treated with energy medicine. If one follows the chart clockwise, starting with “Relaxes Body” and finishing with “Regulates Immune System,” the body’s reactions during a healing session are depicted.

Animals in particular are quite responsive to this noninvasive healing method that releases endorphins to create a deep relaxation, enabling the body to function at a higher level .  When the muscles are relaxed, circulation efficiency increases, sending more hormones, nutrients, and oxygen through the body. This offers assistance with healing from injuries and illness to surgeries and wound healing, as well as behavioral and stress-related issues.

Healing Touch for Animals® uses energy medicine therapies to integrate, stabilize, and clear the energy body. HTA works through the release of endorphins to create a deep relaxation and state of being. This in turn allows the body to function at a higher level, increasing circulation and enabling the body to be more receptive to healing. HTA techniques work with all levels of physiology: emotional, instinctual, mental, and physical. The HTA program gives animals the opportunity to have a deeper instinctual presence and awareness of their bodies. It is worth mentioning too that energy medicine therapies are recognized by the National Institutes of Health.

These inspiring courses are offered in cities throughout the United States, in Canada, and in the Netherlands.